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HPRT Portable Travel Printers MT810 Review

Imagine embarking on a business trip or cozying into your car’s backseat, ready to roll toward adventure, armed with the HPRT Portable Travel Printer MT810 – a marvel of modern technology that fits snugly into your backpack or briefcase. This hand-held dynamo lets you create crisp documents whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. This thermal printer, compact yet efficient, shirks ink or ribbons, instead embracing the simplicity of A4 thermal paper for superior clarity. With a seamless Bluetooth connection, it mingles effortlessly with your iOS or Android devices. It also buddys up with your desktop PC via a USB connection or a cheeky type-C interface. Enjoy the convenience of printing on the go as it houses a continuous roll of paper equivalent to 24 A4-sized lengths, breaking free from the shackle of carrying stacks of paper. The inbuilt sawtooth tearer ensures each sheet is trimmed neatly, preserving a professional finish. Plus, if you ever stumble into a technical hiccup, you’ll find comfort in comprehensive customer service, one mail away. So, with this little gem in your arsenal, why wait? Embark on your journey and leave your mark as you go.

HPRT Portable Travel Printers MT810 - Thermal Inkless Home Use Compact Printer - Paper Rolls Mobile Printing for Car  Office - Bluetooth Wireless Printer Compatible with iOS Android Phone  Laptop

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Why Consider This Product?

When it comes to on-the-go printing, the HPRT Portable Travel Printers MT810 is your optimum solution. Its sleek and compact design means that you can easily take it wherever your business or personal needs take you, effortlessly fitting into your backpack, briefcase or even your car. This printer is lightweight to handle, contributing to its overall portability, perfect for the constant traveler, the mobile entrepreneur, or for school-use, simplifying your printing tasks on any journey.

Now, let’s talk about the printer’s smart and user-friendly technology design. Powered by a 5.0 Bluetooth technology, the HPRT MT810 makes printing high-quality documents from your iOS or Android device a breeze. Whether you’re using a laptop or a desktop PC, the Type-C interface and USB connection ensure easy and quick setup. Coupling with the “HerePrint” App, you gain access to enriched functions for an exceptional printing experience.

What further sets this printer apart is its innovative thermal printing technology. Being inkless, it wipes out the need for cartridges or ribbons, saving you time and reducing your printing cost. Simply load your A4 thermal paper roll into the printer, and get ready for an uninterrupted, high-resolution printing experience right on spot. As several customers have pointed, it makes printing go smoothly wherever needed.

Features and Benefits

Compact and Highly Portable

The HPRT MT810’s compact dimensions and lightweight design enable you to effortlessly take it anywhere with you. It fits neatly in your backpack, briefcase or vehicle, making for easy mobile printing from business environments to car journeys, school, and even on holidays.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Easy Connection

With the HPRT MT810, connectivity issues are a thing of the past. Thanks to its 5.0 Bluetooth technology and Type-C interface, you can quickly and easily connect your printer to iOS and Android mobile phones. USB connection for laptop and desktop PC ensures you have a wider range of devices to print your documents from.

Innovative Thermal Printing

Inkless, ribbon-less, hassle-free. The HPRT 810 adopts superior thermal printing technology, eliminating the need for any form of ink. Unlike conventional printers, it uses A4 thermal paper roll for printing, reducing the downtime of frequent cartridge changes and ensuring a smooth printing experience.

Design for Convenience

Designed for convenience, the HPRT MT810 features an internal continuous paper roll. This eliminates the need for you to constantly reload paper, saving you valuable time, especially during hectic periods. The handy sawtooth tearer ensures your documents are always neat and professional, perfect for business needs.

Reliable Customer Service

HPRT stands behind their products with comprehensive customer service. If you have difficulties with the printer, all you need to do is send them an email. The dedicated support team is there for you, providing solutions to your problems within 24 hours.

HPRT Portable Travel Printers MT810 - Thermal Inkless Home Use Compact Printer - Paper Rolls Mobile Printing for Car  Office - Bluetooth Wireless Printer Compatible with iOS Android Phone  Laptop

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Product Quality

The HPRT Portable Travel Printer MT810 is an embodiment of high-quality mobile printing solution. With an emphasis on convenience, efficiency and reliability, it’s designed to provide a seamless printing experience- wherever you need it. As it adopts advanced thermal printing technology, you’re assured of high resolution prints without the need for ink, which is cost-effective in the long run.

What It’s Used For

Mobile Office Solution

Ever been on a business trip and need to print a document ASAP? With the HPRT MT810, you can print wherever and whenever you need to. Being a portable printer, it slots right into your mobile office setup, ensuring you’re always prepared.

Educational Use

This printer isn’t just for businessmen and women, it’s also a great tool for students and educators. Print your assignments, class notes, or even lesson plans on the go. You don’t need to wait to get home or to the computer lab anymore.

Vehicle Essentials

Going for a long journey and need a hard copy of directions or reservations? The MT810 comes to rescue. It fits neatly into your vehicle, ready for quick prints when required. It’s like having a mini personal assistant riding shotgun.

Home-Based Business

For entrepreneurs with home-based businesses, meeting all your printing needs can be a big ask. The compact MT810 printer removes one of those pressures by offering an affordable and convenient printing solution, right in your living room.

Personal Use

Whether it’s printing a recipe, a shopping list, or an interesting article you just read online, the MT810 has got you covered. Just pair it with your phone or laptop and get printing.

HPRT Portable Travel Printers MT810 - Thermal Inkless Home Use Compact Printer - Paper Rolls Mobile Printing for Car  Office - Bluetooth Wireless Printer Compatible with iOS Android Phone  Laptop

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Product Specifications

Dimension 10.6’’x3.74’’x1.97’’
Fitting Fits in most bags, briefcases and vehicles
Technology Thermal Printing
Connectivity 5.0 Bluetooth, Type-C Interface, USB
Printing A4 Size, Thermal Paper Roll.

Who Needs This

The HPRT MT810 is a perfect tool for business professionals, travelers, students, educators, and individuals needing a reliable mobile printing solution. It significantly simplifies your printing tasks, making it easier to handle document printing regardless of location.

HPRT Portable Travel Printers MT810 - Thermal Inkless Home Use Compact Printer - Paper Rolls Mobile Printing for Car  Office - Bluetooth Wireless Printer Compatible with iOS Android Phone  Laptop

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Pros and Cons


  • Compact design and high portability
  • Easy connection to mobiles, PCs, and laptops via Bluetooth and USB
  • Inkless thermal printing for cost-effectiveness and high resolution prints
  • Its dedicated app offers enriched printing functions


  • The need to purchase specific A4 thermal paper roll
  • Not suitable for photo printing


You might have a couple of questions regarding this mobile printer. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Q: Does the printer come with paper? A: Yes, the printer comes with a free roll of thermal paper.

Q: Can it print from PDFs? A: Yes, using the “HerePrint” App, you can print from different file types including PDFs.

Q: Does it require internet to print A: No, it connects through Bluetooth, eliminating the need for internet connection to print a document.

HPRT Portable Travel Printers MT810 - Thermal Inkless Home Use Compact Printer - Paper Rolls Mobile Printing for Car  Office - Bluetooth Wireless Printer Compatible with iOS Android Phone  Laptop

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What Customers Are Saying

Users of the HPRT Portable Travel Printers MT810 constantly express their satisfaction, mentioning its easy setup, portability, and great customer support. They love the convenience of being able to print documents on the go, whether it’s for business, school, or personal use.

Overall Value

The HPRT Portable Travel Printers MT810 offers great value for its cost. Its compact design, convenient connectivity options, high-quality inkless printing, and a committed customer support team make it a worthy investment for anyone who wants to take their printing to the next level.

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Tips and Tricks For Best Results

When using the HPRT MT810, remember to always use the recommended HPRT thermal paper for clearer prints. Avoid scratches when changing paper rolls and handle the printer with care to prolong its lifespan. Also, for easy document tearing, make use of the inbuilt sawtooth tearer.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

To sum up, the HPRT Portable Travel Printers MT810 offers a smart blend of compact design, easy-of-use, and high-quality prints which makes it an ideal printing solution for those on the move. With its innovative features and benefits, it facilitates effortless printing, whether at home, in the office, school or on the road.

Final Recommendation

Whether you’re a business professional always on the move, a student who needs to print notes for class, a teacher planning lessons, or a home entrepreneur, the HPRT Portable Travel Printers MT810 is a smart choice. With its portability, cost-effective inkless printing design, and reliable customer support, it’s a worthy investment for your printing needs. Long story short: if you need a mobile printer, this is one you should buy.

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