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Underworks FTM Extreme Tri-Top Chest Binder Top 983 Review

Prepare to embrace the transformative power of the Underworks FTM Extreme Tri-Top Chest Binder Top 983. You’ll find comfort, style, and performance melded into one stunning garment, designed with your unique needs and experiences in mind. Tailored to perfection, this chest binder top offers a versatile solution for people of all shapes and sizes. With every wear, you’ll discover an enviable blend of comfort and style. Consider this your invitation to explore a realm of self-expression, where your inner confidence takes center stage and you boldly dictate your own narrative. This, dear reader, is a tale tailored fashionably to fit you, all thanks to the marvel that is the Underworks FTM Extreme Tri-Top Chest Binder Top 983.

Underworks FTM Extreme Tri-Top Chest Binder Top 983

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Why Consider This Product?

The Underworks FTM Extreme Tri-Top Chest Binder Top 983 is no ordinary piece of clothing. Designed to offer unmatched comfort, this top is more than suitable for individuals of the transgender community aiming for a more masculine-looking upper body. The binder is able to flatten the chest while avoiding the health issues usually linked to more traditional binders, such as those that cause trouble breathing, skeletal problems, and other bodily injuries.

The community has endlessly praised about the Tri-Top Chest Binder, celebrating the physical and psychological comfort it offers. Endorsements from well-known members of the transgender community further solidify its reputation. With regard to scientific evidence, studies stress the importance of compression garments in enhancing body image and the mental wellbeing of transgender individuals.

Notably, flattery isn’t the only trick up its sleeve. The binder also ensures superior product quality, which we’ll delve into later. For now, know that every Tri-Top Chest Binder serves as a testimony to Underworks’ premium craftsmanship and evident concern for its clientele’s comfort, health, and satisfaction.

Features and Benefits

Robust Compression

The Extreme Tri-Top Chest Binder boasts robust compression capabilities. As it successfully compresses the chest, it also contributes to your overall physique, giving the impression of a naturally flat, masculine chest. It ensures a snug fit without causing discomfort or restricting your movement.

Breathable Material

The Binder is made of a blend of nylon and spandex – known for breathability. This potent combination ensures that you can wear it all day while staying cool and comfortable, ensuring that your skin remains healthy and unaffected despite prolonged usage.

Multitude of Sizes

Finding the perfect fit won’t be a problem, for it comes in a variety of sizes, from small to 3X large. This rotation of sizes allows for better fitting and flexibility for all body types.

Discreet and Versatile

The Tri-Top Chest Binder is designed to be discreet and versatile. You can easily wear it under your favorite t-shirt, pullover, dress shirts, or even workout gear. No one will notice you are wearing it.


The chest binder is renowned for its durability. It’s crafted to last and continue providing the same level of comfort and compression, even after extended periods of use.


The design is free of excessive seams or uncomfortable tags that can usually lead to skin irritation or discomfort. You can wear it for long periods without an issue.

Underworks FTM Extreme Tri-Top Chest Binder Top 983

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Product Quality

With the Underworks FTM Extreme Tri-Top Chest Binder, quality is never compromised. Every binder is designed with an impeccable blend of materials that prioritize both comfort and functionality.

The binder’s fabric preserves its shape and functionality even after numerous wash cycles, serving as a testimony to its unmatched quality and durability. Moreover, the intricate stitching ensures the binder stays intact, regardless of the level of physical activity you put it through.

What It’s Used For

Daily Wear

The Underworks FTM Extreme Tri-Top Chest Binder is perfect for everyday wear due to its breathability and comfort. You can easily wear it under any outfit—be it to school, work, or a simple day out. It stays invisible beneath your clothes while giving you a natural flat chest.


Exercise might seem daunting while wearing a chest binder, but not with Underworks FTM Extreme Tri-Top. Made of breathable fabric and providing a suitable level of compression, it’s perfect for workouts. The fabric wicks sweat and facilitates free movement, letting you enjoy your exercise routine without discomfort.


The binder provides excellent support for individuals during the transitioning phase, enhancing their confidence and helping them feel comfortable in their bodies. This mentally comforting aspect greatly aids in the process of transitioning.

Pre-Operative Use

The chest binder serves as an excellent pre-operative garment for individuals preparing to go through top surgery. It gives you a glimpse of the post-operative outcomes while readying the body for the procedure.

Cosplay and Costuming

You can also use this product for cosplaying or costuming, where a flat chest is required to depict a particular character realistically.

Underworks FTM Extreme Tri-Top Chest Binder Top 983

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Product Specifications

Attribute Description
Materials 70% Nylon, 30% Spandex
Available Sizes Small to 3 X-Large
Colors Available Black, White
Care Hand wash cold, line dry
Suitability Daily wear, exercise, transitioning, pre-operative use, cosplay and costuming

Who Needs This

Individuals undergoing a gender transition, particularly FTM or female to male transgender individuals, would find this product immensely helpful. It’s also ideal for non-binary individuals who wish to flatten their chests or anyone looking for a more masculine appearance.

Underworks FTM Extreme Tri-Top Chest Binder Top 983

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Pros and Cons


  1. Provides solid compression without compromising comfort
  2. Made with breathable material for prolonged use
  3. Available in a range of sizes
  4. Discreet under most types of clothing
  5. Highly durable and retains shape after several washes


  1. Might feel restricting initially
  2. Finding the accurate size may take some trials
  3. Hand washing recommended for durability, which might be inconvenient for some


Is the binder noticeable under clothes? No, the Underworks FTM Extreme Tri-Top Chest Binder is designed to be discreet under clothes.

Can I wear it during exercise? Yes, the breathable fabric makes it suitable for workouts.

Is it suitable for everyday use? Absolutely! It’s designed for comfort, making it perfect for everyday use.

Can the binder help with my transitioning process? Yes, it can help improve your self-confidence and feel more at ease with your body during the transitioning process.

Underworks FTM Extreme Tri-Top Chest Binder Top 983

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What Customers Are Saying

According to customer testimonials, the Underworks FTM Extreme Tri-Top Chest Binder proves to be a game-changer in terms of comfort, fit, and stealth. Customers love the product for how well it flattens their chest without causing discomfort, even after hours of use.

Another feature that customers appreciate is its durability, holding up well after numerous washes. Moreover, its versatility is celebrated, as it can be worn under almost any type of clothing undetectably.

Overall Value

Discussions about value for money surround not just the price point, but the sheer functionality, performance, and comfort the binder provides. Being a product with numerous emotional and physical benefits, the Underworks FTM Extreme Tri-Top Chest Binder clearly scores high in terms of overall value.

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Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  1. Choose the right size: Do not choose a smaller size for more compression. This will only lead to discomfort and potential health issues. Always refer to the size chart.
  2. Break in your binder: If you’re new to wearing chest binders, allow yourself time to adapt to the sensation. Start by wearing it for a few hours at a time before moving to full-day use.
  3. Maintain it properly: To maintain the binder’s longevity, handwash in cold water and dry flat. Avoid ironing or bleaching.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

Certainly, the Underworks FTM Extreme Tri-Top Chest Binder Top 983 lives up to its reputation. Boasting top-notch comfort, quality, and functionality, it is a top-tier product that wholly respects and supports the needs of the transgender community.

Final Recommendation

The Underworks FTM Extreme Tri-Top Chest Binder Top 983 comes highly recommended for FTM individuals or anyone aiming for a more masculine appearance. Its extraordinary features, coupled with positive customer reviews, prove it to be a reliable product fulfilling its promises with grace. So why settle for less, when you can have the best?

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