The Ultimate Guide to Cruises Only

In this comprehensive guide, the focus is on enhancing your knowledge about ‘Cruises Only’. From finding the perfect cruise to fit your vacation desires, to understanding the intricacies of on-board life and exploring the myriad of amenities on a cruise finder, it isn’t solely about travel—it’s a journey of discovery. Let’s take that journey together, exploring every nook and cranny of the opulent world of cruises, tailor-made for those who seek not just an excursion, but an experience of a lifetime.

The Ultimate Guide to Cruises Only

Understanding Cruises Only Deals

Cruise-only travel is a term pioneered by cruising companies to denote a package that exclusively includes the cruise fare. This is typically free from additional amenities such as airfare, pre-cruise hotel stays, or onshore excursions, which provides an opportunity for the traveler to customize their cruise vacation to their preferences and budget.

What is ‘Cruises Only’?

A ‘Cruises Only’ deal is one that offers strictly the cruise ship accommodation, giving you a chance to experience the luxury of a cruise ship without getting tangled with add-on expenses. It leaves the additional activities and extra vacation components totally up to you.

How Does ‘Cruises Only’ Work?

‘Cruises Only’ works by providing you a top-notch cruise experience at a basic cost. The cruise fare covers your cabin, meals, and most onboard entertainment and activities. It gives passengers the benefit of choice and control over how they choose to spend on their vacation.

Different Types of Cruises Only Deals

There are a variety of ‘Cruises Only’ offers that cater to different passenger preferences. These could range from last-minute deals aimed at passengers who have the flexibility to travel at short notice, luxury cruise deals for those seeking a high-end experience, or family-friendly cruises with activities aimed at all age groups.

Benefits of Cruises Only

Going for ‘Cruises Only’ packages can have several benefits for travelers.

Cost Savings

The most obvious benefit of a ‘Cruises Only’ deal is the cost savings. Without the additional services, the upfront cost of your vacation could be significantly reduced.

Variety of Options

Cruises Only’ deals let you choose between a range of cruise lines, ships, and itineraries, allowing you to pick a cruise to suit your preferences without any constraints.


The ‘Cruises Only’ packages are a boon for those seeking flexibility in planning their holidays. You choose what you want to include in your vacation and when, providing freedom to schedule your trip.

Ease of Booking

With ‘Cruises Only’ deals, the booking process gets simplified because you’re focusing just on the cruise component of your vacation. You won’t need to spend time booking flights, hotels or worrying about other logistics.

How to Find the Best Cruises Only Deals

When to Book

Booking at the right time is crucial for getting the best ‘Cruises Only’ deals. Booking well in advance or at the last minute can both lead to substantial discounts.

Where to Search

There are several online resources, including the cruise lines’ official websites, which offer information on ‘Cruises Only’ deals. Reputable travel agents can also assist in finding the best deals.

Discounts and Promotions

Cruise lines often run promotions or offer discounts on certain sailings or during off-peak seasons. Being aware of these offers can result in significant savings.

Cruise Lines and Itineraries

Different cruise lines offer highly varying ‘Cruises Only’ experiences and costs can differ significantly based on the itinerary too. Consider these factors when looking for the best deal.

Planning Your Cruise Vacation

Determining Your Budget

Before you start planning your cruise vacation, consider your budget. Knowing how much money you’re willing to spend will help you select the best ‘Cruises Only’ deal for you.

Choosing Your Destination

The destination of your cruise will greatly impact your overall experience. Consider factors such as the time of year, weather, attractions, and local cultures when choosing your destination.

Picking the Right Time of Year

The time of year during which you plan your cruise can make a big difference. Off-peak seasons usually offer lower fares and fewer crowds.

Selecting a Cruise Line and Ship

Each cruise line offers a unique experience—some are geared towards adventure, others offer a more laid-back experience. Similarly, each cruise ship is different too. Research thoroughly before you make a choice.

The Ultimate Guide to Cruises Only

What to Expect on Your Cruise

Onboard Amenities and Services

Onboard a cruise ship, you can expect a range of amenities and services such as swimming pools, fitness centers, spas, laundry services, and more.

Dining and Entertainment Options

Most cruises offer numerous dining options—buffets, fine dining, bistros, and snack bars. They also provide a variety of entertainment, including musicals, comedy shows, movies, and dance parties.

Onboard Activities

Many cruise ships offer a variety of onboard activities ranging from cooking classes to rock-climbing walls and from mini-golf to art auctions.

Shore Excursions

While ‘Cruises Only’ deals usually do not include shore excursions, the cruise lines often offer such trips at an additional cost. They provide an opportunity to explore the different ports of call.

Packing for a Cruise

What to Bring

Packing for a cruise is similar to any other vacation—you’ll need clothes, toiletries, and any medication that you take regularly. You may want to also pack a swimsuit, formal attire for dinners, a camera to capture memorable moments, and books or games for downtime.

What Not to Bring

Avoid packing items that may not be allowed on the ship, such as irons or heating devices. It’s also unnecessary to bring towels or hairdryers, as they are usually provided by the cruise line.

Packing Tips for Different Cruise Destinations

Depending on your destination and the time of year, you might need to pack differently. For instance, a cruise to Alaska will require warm clothing, while a cruise to the Caribbean will require lighter summer wear.

Understanding the Cruise Line’s Dress Code

All cruise lines have a dress code for certain events or dining venues, so make sure to familiarize yourself with that beforehand.

The Ultimate Guide to Cruises Only

Health and Safety on Cruises

Medical Facilities Onboard

Every cruise ship is equipped with a medical facility and staffed by qualified medical professionals capable of handling most common illnesses or injuries.

What to Do in Case of Illness or Injury

In case of illness or injury, immediately report to the ship’s medical center. The medical staff will be able to provide first aid or emergency care.

Safety Procedures and Policies

Cruise ships have strict safety procedures and policies in place. You’ll attend a mandatory safety drill, where you’ll be briefed on what to do in case of an emergency.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance that covers emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost or stolen belongings.

Navigating Life Onboard a Cruise Ship

Understanding the Ship’s Layout

Cruise ships can be large and sometimes confusing. Shortly after boarding, take a ship tour or familiarize yourself with the ship’s map.

Interacting with Crew Members

The crew members are there to ensure your comfort and safety. Feel free to ask them questions or seek their assistance when needed.

Taking Advantage of Onboard Services and Amenities

There are many services and amenities to enjoy onboard. Be sure to take full advantage of them to maximize your cruise experience.

Making the Most of Your Time at Sea

While at sea, there’s an array of activities to keep you entertained—from fitness classes to trivia sessions, try to participate in as many as possible for an enriched cruise experience.

The Ultimate Guide to Cruises Only

Tips for First-Time Cruisers

Booking Tips

Research well before booking, consider off-peak seasons, and keep an eye out for discounts and deals.

Packing Tips

Pack according to your destination’s climate, dress codes, and anticipated activities. Also, consider the cruise’s duration and pack accordingly.

Onboard Tips

Diversify your activities. Don’t stick only to what you know; try new activities, experiences, and foods.

Excursion Tips

Plan your shore excursions ahead, but do leave some room for spontaneous choices. It’s also a good idea to research the ports of call before you get there.

Overcoming Common Cruise Concerns

Dealing with Seasickness

Seasickness can be a common problem on cruises. Remedies include over-the-counter medication, wristbands or patches, and staying towards the middle of the ship where there is less motion.

Overcoming Fear of Cruising

If you have a fear of cruising, start with a short journey. As you get more comfortable, gradually take on longer cruises.

Addressing Dietary Restrictions

Cruise lines are usually able to accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions. Be sure to inform the cruise line of your dietary needs before your trip.

Coping with Limited Connectivity

While most ships have Wi-Fi, it can be expensive and slow. Relax and consider this a perfect chance to unplug and unwind from your daily digital life.

In closing, ’Cruises Only’ offers a unique way to vacation, providing cost savings, flexibility, and a memorable experience. With proper planning and judicious choices, you can make your cruise vacation a memorable experience. Happy Cruising!

The Ultimate Guide to Cruises Only