One-of-a-kind Italy: Discover Unique Elevated Experiences in the Bel Paese

Experience the magic of Italy like never before. In “One-of-a-kind Italy: Discover Unique Elevated Experiences in the Bel Paese,” you’ll explore the hidden gems of this enchanting country. From truffle hunting in Piedmont and wine tasting in Tuscany, to private tours of the Vatican Museums and immersive tours of ancient Roman cities, Italy offers a diverse range of experiences for every traveler. Get your adrenaline pumping with sports car test drives in Emilia-Romagna and helicopter tours over Mount Etna, or indulge in a relaxing getaway by exploring the beautiful islands of Ischia and Procida, or the lakes and mountains of the Lake District. Immerse yourself in art and culture with opera performances in Verona and leather-making workshops in Florence, or unwind in unique accommodations like modernized cave hotels in Matera or traditional trulli in the Valle d’Itria. Whether you’re a food lover, history buff, adventure seeker, or culture enthusiast, Italy has something special in store for you. Get ready to say “yes” to the world and embark on an unforgettable journey through the wonders of Italy.

Food & Drink

Truffle Hunt in Piedmont

Italy is well known for its cuisine and artisanal food traditions, and visitors can get an insider look at how some of the finest food products are sourced or created. Put on your walking shoes for a truffle hunt in the forests of Piedmont. Following specially trained truffle-hunting dogs, you’ll follow in the footsteps of those who have done this for centuries.

Wine Tasting in Tuscany

For oenophiles, visit the wineries of Tuscany for a wine tasting straight from the barrel. Explore the picturesque vineyards and learn about the wine-making process while sampling a variety of renowned Tuscan wines. This immersive experience allows you to truly appreciate the flavors and aromas of this famous wine region.

One-of-a-kind Italy: Discover Unique Elevated Experiences in the Bel Paese

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Rialto Market and Cooking Class in Venice

If you’re looking for a more hands-on experience, take a guided tour of Venice’s Rialto Market and pick up some fresh-from-the-lagoon fish and vegetables for a cooking class. Under the guidance of a local chef, you’ll learn how to prepare traditional Venetian dishes using the freshest ingredients available. Afterward, sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labor while taking in the beautiful views of Venice.


Private After-Hours Tour of Vatican Museums

Every corner of Italy has a rich and complex history, and depending on your interests, you can explore sites from the Romans to the Renaissance. For a special experience in one of the world’s most famous museums, consider taking a private after-hours tour of the Vatican Museums. With exclusive access, you can marvel at masterpieces such as the Sistine Chapel and Raphael Rooms without the usual crowds, allowing for a more intimate and immersive experience.

One-of-a-kind Italy: Discover Unique Elevated Experiences in the Bel Paese

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Tour of Herculaneum with an Archaeologist

If you love Roman history, the ancient Roman city of Herculaneum, near Naples, is not to be missed. The eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD (the same eruption that destroyed Pompeii) covered the city in meters of mud, preserving it as it was. For an elevated experience, tour with an archaeologist as they bring the city to life while you walk through the ancient streets touring villas and Roman baths, admiring frescoes and mosaics.


Test Drive Luxury Cars in Emilia-Romagna

If you’re looking for activities to get the adrenaline flowing, Italy has plenty of high-end options. The central Italian region of Emilia-Romagna is home to sports car manufacturers Lamborghini, Maserati, and Ferrari, and visitors looking for speed can test drive the cars on the track or the streets of Maranello. Experience the thrill of driving these powerful machines and feel the craftsmanship and precision that goes into each vehicle.

One-of-a-kind Italy: Discover Unique Elevated Experiences in the Bel Paese

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Helicopter Tour over Mount Etna in Sicily

Perhaps heights are what you’re after, and a helicopter tour over Sicily’s Mount Etna will fit the bill. See the recent lava flows and historic craters of Europe’s largest active volcano from the air. This unique perspective allows you to fully appreciate the size and grandeur of Mount Etna, giving you memories that will last a lifetime.

Guided Hike on Via Ferrata in the Dolomites

In search of a terrestrial mountain adventure instead? Take a guided hike on a Via Ferrata in the Italian Dolomites. These climbing routes vary from beginner to advanced, and hikers use a harness to clip into steel cables, rungs, and ladders as they ascend the peaks for sweeping views. This thrilling activity combines hiking and rock climbing, allowing you to push your limits and experience the stunning beauty of the Dolomites up close.


One-of-a-kind Italy: Discover Unique Elevated Experiences in the Bel Paese

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Opera Performance in Verona’s Roman Arena

Opera originated in Italy over 400 years ago and is a thriving art form today. One of the most stunning places to watch a performance is in Verona’s 1st-century AD Roman Arena. The summer opera season allows spectators to sit under the stars in the open-air arena, one of the largest from the Roman Empire. Immerse yourself in the soaring melodies and dramatic performances of world-class opera in this historic setting.

Glassblowing Experience in Murano

For a more hands-on experience, head to the Venetian island of Murano. For more than 700 years, the island has been home to the city’s historic glassmakers, and visitors can sign up for their own glassblowing experience, creating a small glass piece to bring home. Learn about the techniques and artistry behind Murano glass and create a unique souvenir to commemorate your trip.


One-of-a-kind Italy: Discover Unique Elevated Experiences in the Bel Paese

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Seaside Escape in Ischia and Procida

For the ultimate relaxation, head to the ocean and visit the islands of Ischia and Procida in the bay of Naples. Ischia boasts luxurious hotels and thermal springs, seaside restaurants, and sandy beaches. Neighboring Procida, Italy’s capital of culture in 2022, is home to the picturesque pastel-hued harbor of Corricella and black sandy beaches. Both islands are connected by ferry and can be visited in tandem, allowing you to unwind and soak up the sun in a beautiful and tranquil environment.

Lake Tour on Lake Como

If a freshwater excursion is desired, nothing beats the northern Italian Lake District, stretching from Milan to Verona. For a quintessential Italian experience, rent a classic wooden boat on Lake Como and tour around the lake, admiring the historic palazzi, sunning, and swimming as you while away an afternoon. The serene beauty of Lake Como provides the perfect backdrop for relaxation and leisurely exploration.

Mountain Escape in Alpe di Siusi

For a mountain escape, head to Alpe di Siusi, Europe’s largest high alpine meadow, tucked within the towering Dolomites. Stay in a luxury mountain chalet and enjoy scenic walks in the fields or get around by horse-drawn carriage or e-bike. For a unique experience, indulge in a hay bath, a spa experience based on historic traditions, using dried hay and traditional herbs from the mountains. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the mountains and let the stress melt away.


Fashion Shopping in Milan

From small boutiques to world-famous fashion houses, Milan is known as the capital of Italian fashion. For a day learning about the latest trends, accessing designer showrooms, and visiting local favorite brands, hire a personal shopper to guide you through the city. Discover unique pieces, shop in luxurious boutiques, and experience the vibrant fashion scene that makes Milan a global fashion destination.

Leather Goods Shopping in Florence

In the market for leather goods? Florence is renowned for its centuries-old tradition of producing high-quality leather goods. Visit a leather atelier to order custom-made clothing or accessories or join a leather-making workshop where you can see behind the scenes of the craft and even make a leather piece of your own. Take home a beautifully crafted leather item that embodies the elegance and craftsmanship for which Florence is famous.


Stay in a Cave Hotel in Matera

Sometimes the unique Italian experience can actually be the lodging itself. The city of Matera, in the southern region of Basilicata, is the third-oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. For centuries, locals lived in cave dwellings called “sassi”. Today, many of these original cave homes have been converted into restaurants, apartments, and hotels, upgraded with modern amenities. To get a taste of the past and feel the uniqueness of this city, book a stay in a modernized cave hotel and stay right in the heart of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Stay in a Trullo in the Valle d’Itria

As an alternative, head to the nearby region of Puglia and book a stay in a trullo in the Valle d’Itria, a region in the hills near Bari. Trulli are the picturesque circular stone buildings dotted across this region, with a high concentration of them in the historic city of Alberobello. You can find accommodation in a trullo within Alberobello itself or out in the rolling hills of the countryside. Experience the charm and tranquility of staying in these unique traditional dwellings while immersing yourself in the rustic beauty of the Italian countryside.

Italy is a land of immense natural beauty and amazing food, with a rich history, distinctive culture, and pride in local traditions. Regardless of your travel preferences and interests, Italy boasts an extensive list of unique, elevated experiences and should be high on any discerning traveler’s list. When you’re ready to Say Yes to the World, Lufthansa offers service to 19 Italian destinations, making it easy to access all these experiences and more. Start planning your Italian adventure and get ready for an unforgettable journey through this remarkable country.