Jewel Of The Seas Deck Plans

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Jewel Of The Seas Deck Plans

Jewel of the Seas Overview

Jewel of the Seas, part of the renowned Royal Caribbean fleet, is a vacation destination in its own right. This merit is credited to its state-of-the-art facilities, engaging entertainment options, sumptuous dining experiences and its diverse range of luxury accommodations.

Brief History

Launched in 2004, this remarkable vessel has been the jewel in the crown of Royal Caribbean’s fleet. Consistently updated to meet the evolving expectations of its guests, it remains at the cutting edge of the cruise experience.

General Characteristics

At 291 meters in length and with a gross tonnage of 90,090, Jewel of the seas is a magnificent ship capable of accommodating 2,702 passengers and 842 crew members. As part of the Radiance class of Royal Caribbean’s fleet, it presents guests with an elegant, bright, and panoramic cruise experience.

Current Itineraries

The Jewel of the Seas itineraries offers a rich tapestry of destinations ranging from the Caribbean to Europe, with transatlantic cruises which allow guests to enjoy all her facilities during days at sea.

Deck By Deck Layout

The ship comprises of 13 decks, each offering unique experiences and facilities.

Deck 2

Deck 2 houses the Medical Center and Conference Center, providing access to health care and business facilities onboard.

Deck 3

Deck 3 is home to the main dining room. Here, guests can enjoy sweeping ocean views as they dine on an array of delicacies.

Deck 4

Deck 4 features entertainment venues such as the Casino and Theater. Enjoy a captivating performance or try your luck at the gaming tables.

Deck 5

Deck 5 is where you’ll discover the Shopping arcade, Photo Gallery, and the specialty restaurant ‘Chops Grille’.

Deck 6

Deck 6 holds the ship’s library, as well as the Cinema and the ‘Shoreside’ conference center.

Deck 7

Deck 7 and decks 8 to 10 mainly features passenger accommodations and some specialty cabins.

Deck 11

Deck 11 is designed for relaxation and recreation. Here you’ll find the ‘Solarium’ pool, the Spa, Fitness center, and the ‘Windjammer’ casual dining area.

Deck 12

Deck 12 offers a range of family fun amenities like the Adventure Ocean Kids’ Zone, the sports court, and the teen disco.

Deck 13

Deck 13, the topmost deck, is the ship’s sun deck, boasting panoramic vistas of the sea and fresh sea breezes. The ‘Viking Crown Lounge’ is a delightful place for cocktails while taking in the breathtaking views.


Room Types

Accommodation onboard the Jewel of the Seas range from Interior staterooms and Ocean View staterooms, through to Balcony staterooms and Suites. All offer an unrivaled level of comfort and style.


All rooms boast modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs, minibars, and ensuite bathrooms. Suites have additional luxuries, including private balconies and concierge services.

Sizes of Cabins

Cabin sizes vary by type, guaranteeing well-designed spaces to fit different passenger preferences. Interior staterooms typically span 165 – 166 sq. ft., while Suite sizes range up to 1,001 – 1,633 sq. ft.

Dining Options

Main Dining Room

The Main Dining Room is renowned for its sumptuous three-course meals and its sophisticated, congenial atmosphere.

Casual Eateries

For a more relaxed dining experience, casual eateries like the Windjammer Café, Park Café and Seaview Café offer a variety of options, from buffet-style meals to snacks and sandwiches.

Specialty Restaurants

For a unique gastronomic experience, try the ship’s specialty restaurants. Indulge in steakhouse classics at Chops Grille, or taste authentic Italian dishes at Giovanni’s Table.

Jewel Of The Seas Deck Plans

Entertainment Venues

Theater and Showrooms

The Coral Theatre provides a platform for a variety of Broadway-style productions, while other lounges offer a host of live music and dancing opportunities.

Bars and Lounges

With various bars and lounges, guests can enjoy a hand-crafted cocktail or a glass of fine wine to suit their mood and occasion.

Casino and Gaming

The Casino Royale offers a glamorous gaming experience onboard, with a variety of slot machines and table games.

Health and Well-being Facilities

Gym and Fitness Centre

The state-of-the-art fitness center offers an array of equipment and fitness classes to cater to all workout preferences.

Spa and Treatment Rooms

The Vitality Spa provides a serene environment for total relaxation. Guests can indulge in a variety of treatments from massages to facials and more.

Medical Centre

A fully equipped medical center, overseen by professional medical staff, is readily available to attend to all health emergencies or requirements.

Jewel Of The Seas Deck Plans

Outdoor and Leisure Amenities

Pools and Hot Tubs

With two pools and multiple hot tubs, guests can enjoy a delightful dip or relax in a hot tub while basking in the sun.

Sports Zone

Sports enthusiasts will relish the ship’s Sports Zone which features a rock climbing wall, a mini-golf course, and a basketball court.

Sun Deck

The Sun Deck is an outdoor haven, ideal for relaxing, soaking up the sun, or simply enjoying the panoramic sea views.

Adventure Ocean Kid’s Zone

This specially designed area is perfect for younger guests, offering a range of educational and fun activities.

Shopping and Services

Boutiques and Shops

From duty-free liquors and fragrances to designer clothing and jewelry, the ship’s boutiques cater to all your shopping needs.

Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery gives guests the opportunity to relive their cruising memories. Here, guests can view and buy photos taken by the ship’s professional photographers.

Internet Centre

Stay connected with the Internet Centre, where you can surf the web, check emails or share your cruise highlights on social media.

Customer Service Desk

The Customer Service Desk is always ready to assist guests, ensuring their stay on the ship is comfortable and enjoyable.

Special Features

Art and Decoration

The ship features a stunning $3 Million art collection, enhancing every corner of the vessel with beauty and elegance.

Innovative Technological Concepts

In line with Royal Caribbean’s reputation for innovation, interactive touchscreen navigation systems help guests locate onboard venues, see what’s going on and plan their itinerary.

Sustainability Management

Jewel of the Seas takes environmental responsibility seriously. The ship is equipped with advanced wastewater purification systems and energy-efficient hull design.

Further Information

Booking Information

Guests can book through an authorized travel agent, online or directly through the Royal Caribbean’s contact center.

Tips and Tricks

Take time to explore all the facilities on the first day, book activities and shows in advance to avoid disappointment, and pack casual and formal attires for dress codes on board.

Cruise FAQ

Have questions about your cruise? The Guest Services desk or your daily Cruise Compass newsletter is there to provide you with answers and necessary information.

Jewel of The Seas, with its blend of relaxation, excitement and luxury, offers you a vacation experience unlike any other. We hope this layout guide has provided you with a deep insight into what awaits when you step onboard this phenomenal cruise ship.