Distance To Yellowstone National Park

In this enlightening discourse, we are set to explore the diverse distances to the breathtaking Yellowstone National Park from various significant locations in the United States. As a universally cherished destination, Yellowstone National Park boasts of astounding landscapes and renowned geothermal features that magnetize myriads of visitors every year. Whether for an exhilarating adventure of experiencing nature’s grandeur or an academic field exploration, understanding the distance particulars to Yellowstone National Park is key. This article provides concise and user-friendly data to equip potential visitors with specific knowledge on journey estimates, assisting effectively in planning your expedition.

Distance To Yellowstone National Park

Traveling from Major US Cities

Traveling to Yellowstone National Park from major US cities can be done by plane, car or bus depending on your preference and budget.

From New York

From New York, the easiest way to reach Yellowstone is by air. We can book a flight to one of the airports (like Jackson Hole or Cody) near Yellowstone and from there rent a car or take a shuttle to the park. It takes approximately 5-7 hours to fly from New York to Wyoming depending on the flight you take.

From Los Angeles

Similarly, if we are based in Los Angeles, we could fly into either Jackson Hole or Cody. The flight time From Los Angeles to Wyoming is shorter, normally around 3-4 hours.

From Chicago

Traveling from Chicago to Yellowstone can take around 4-6 hours by air. If we prefer a road trip, it would require about 20 hours to drive, making it an ideal two-day venture.

From Houston

From Houston, we can take a flight to one of the nearest airports to Yellowstone. The usual flight time is around 5-7 hours, or if we’d like to undertake the journey by road, it would take approximately 1 day and 7 hours.

From Phoenix

Another good starting point is Phoenix, Arizona, although equally, this is quite a trek. Flying generally takes in the region of 3-4 hours. However, the journey by car is around 15 hours non-stop, so we would advise breaking up the trip over a couple of days.

Traveling from Neighboring States

Yellowstone National Park is located primarily in the U.S. state of Wyoming, though it also extends into Montana and Idaho. Consequently, if we’re coming from any of these states, the travel time will be significantly less.

From Wyoming

Being within the state of Wyoming itself, traveling can be as short as a few minutes to a few hours, depending on where we’re coming from within the state.

From Montana

Traveling from Montana, we could take the North Entrance at Gardiner, Montana. It would take roughly about 2 – 3 hours’ reach depending on where in Montana we’re starting from.

From Idaho

Coming from Idaho, we can enter the park from the west. Depending on starting point, travel could take approximately 3-4 hours.

From Utah

If we’re coming from Utah, the drive to Wyoming could take around 5-8 hours, depending on whether we take the south or the west entrance.

From Colorado

Coming from Colorado, we shouldn’t be deceived by the relatively close geographical proximity; the drive still takes a solid 8-10 hours.

Distance To Yellowstone National Park

Traveling from Canada

Yellowstone National Park is also accessible from Canada, although we would recommend flying for quick and convenient access.

From Calgary

Plane travel from Calgary is around 3-4 hours. A road trip, on the other hand, would require about 10 hours.

From Edmonton

From Edmonton, we could fly into Cody, which takes around 4-6 hours. Driving, however, would take approximately 14 hours.

From Vancouver

Traveling from Vancouver, a city located towards the western coast, a non-stop flight would take roughly 2-3 hours. A road trip from Vancouver, on the other hand, is a much longer journey, requiring around 17 hours without stopping.

From Toronto

From Toronto, a direct flight to Yellowstone could take nearly 7 hours. The driving distance from Toronto to Yellowstone is around 32 hours.

From Montreal

Flying from Montreal could take anywhere between 7.5-10 hours because of connecting flights. Should we seek to drive from Montreal, we should plan for a long road trip of around 34 hours.

Traveling from Europe

As for our European visitors, flights are often the most practical means of transportation to Yellowstone National Park.

From London

From London, a flight would take anywhere between 10 to 12 hours. This, of course, depends on the availability of direct flights or whether connecting flights are needed.

From Paris

A trip from Paris would also require around 10 to 12 hours of air travel, but could be more if we have connecting flights.

From Berlin

Traveling from Berlin might take slightly longer, between 11 to 13 hours, depending on the layover time at connecting airports.

From Rome

From Rome, flights to any of the gateway cities near Yellowstone typically run between 11 to 14 hours, not accounting for any potential layovers.

From Madrid

Air travel From Madrid, Spain typically would require 11 to 12 hours. Again, the overall travel time depends on connecting flights.

Distance To Yellowstone National Park

Traveling from Asia

Asian visitors will have to endure a long flight, but the unique beauty and wildness of Yellowstone are worth the journey.

From Beijing

Travelers from Beijing, China should anticipate a flight of approximately 15 hours, not taking account of layover times if we have a connecting flight.

From Tokyo

If we’re flying from Tokyo, the flight duration would be around 11-13 hours. Generally, flights from Asia to America cross the international date line, which need to be taken into consideration when planning our trip.

From Delhi

From Delhi, the minimum flight duration is around 15 to 18 hours, depending on our chosen airline and the duration of stopover.

From Bangkok

Traveling from Bangkok, Thailand, we can reach Yellowstone in approximately 18-21 hours by air. Make sure to plan accordingly to rest after the long journey.

From Seoul

Our Korean visitors will be pleased to hear that from Seoul, the average flight time is 11-13 hours.

Traveling from Australia

Despite the great distance, many of our Australian visitors make the trip to Yellowstone every year.

From Sydney

Flights from Sydney usually take approximately 18-20 hours depending on the route and layover times at stops along the way.

From Melbourne

A flight from Melbourne can last anywhere between 19 to 22 hours, including layover time.

From Perth

Whilst the flight from Perth requires some commitment, with an average flight time of up to 23-25 hours, we’re confident you’ll find Yellowstone to be worth every second spent in the air.

From Adelaide

From Adelaide, anticipate a flight time of approximately 21-23 hours. We recommend setting aside plenty of time for rest and recovery from jetlag upon arrival.

From Brisbane

Travelers from Brisbane can reach our location in around 18-21 hours by air, depending on the chosen route and length of stopovers.

Driving Distances

Visitors who prefer road trips would take pleasure in the driving journey to Yellowstone, as there is plenty to see along the way, regardless of the direction we’re coming from.

Driving from East Coast

If we’re driving from the East Coast, anticipate a travel time of around 30 hours. This, of course, will depend on the starting point and the number of stops we make along the way.

Driving from West Coast

For those of us on the West Coast, the drive will be somewhat shorter, generally around 15-18 hours, depending on the starting city and route.

Driving from North

If coming from the north, the travel time will depend on how far north we live, but as a general rule, plan on at least 12-14 hours of travel time.

Driving from South

Similarly, if we live to the south, how long the driving trip takes will depend on just how far south we live. To give a rough estimate, however, expect at least 20 hours of drive time.

Safety tips for driving

Regardless of where we’re coming from, it is essential to keep safety in mind. Keep a close eye on weather and road conditions, especially if traveling in winter. Ensure that the vehicle is in good operating condition and is well-equipped for a long journey. Always carry a map or GPS, and keep enough food and water in case of an emergency.

Flight Information

If we’re flying to Yellowstone, there are several important details to keep in mind.

Nearest Airports

The airports that provide the easiest access to Yellowstone are Jackson Hole Airport (90 miles), Gallatin Field in Bozeman, Montana (88 miles), Yellowstone Airport (2 miles), and Cody’s Yellowstone Regional Airport (52 miles).

Flight Duration

Flight durations vary greatly depending on where we’re traveling from. On average, domestic flights from most major US cities vary between 1 and 6 hours, whereas international flights can take anywhere from 10 to 25 hours.


Multiple airlines serve the airports near Yellowstone, including Delta, United Airlines, American Airlines, and several others.

International Flights

Visitors from outside the U.S. will usually have to connect through a larger American city before continuing on to one of the airports near Yellowstone.

Connecting Flights

If traveling from outside the US or from distant US cities, we may need to book a connecting flight through hub cities such as Salt Lake City or Denver.

Public Transportation Options

Once we’re in the area, there are multiple options for getting around.

Bus Services

Several bus companies provide services to and from cities in the area. These provide an affordable and convenient way to access the park, particularly during peak tourist season.

Train Services

Amtrak services are not directly available to Yellowstone, but they do run to nearby cities. This could be a unique and scenic way to reach Yellowstone National Park.

Shuttle Services

Many of the hotels in the area operate shuttle services from various entry points to the park.

Car Rental Options

Renting a car provides the most flexibility for exploring Yellowstone at our own pace. There are numerous car rental agencies available in nearby cities and at the airports close to the park.

Time Considerations

There are several factors related to time that we should consider when planning our trip to Yellowstone.

Ideal Departure Time

The best departure time largely depends on our means of travel and distance. For long drives, we recommend departing early in the morning to ensure we arrive during daylight hours.

Time Zone Differences

Yellowstone National Park is in the Mountain Time Zone. If we’re arriving from a different time zone, we will need to adjust our watches accordingly.

Seasonal Considerations

Visiting time may also vary based on the season. During winter months, some roads and entrances may be closed due to snow, while summer is generally the most crowded period.

Holiday Rush

During popular holiday times, such as Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July, and Labor Day weekend, expect increased visitors and greater traffic.

Travel Duration

The duration of travel depends heavily on our starting location and mode of transport. Be sure to factor in rest and potential delays when calculating your travel times.

In conclusion, regardless of where we’re coming from, the journey to Yellowstone National Park is a memorable part of the adventure. After all, getting there is half the fun! Happy travels to you and we hope to see you soon!