Discover The Enchanting Charm Of Capella Ubud Bali, Indonesia

Venture into an enchanting tropical retreat in the heart of Indonesia. In this feature article, you will uncover detailed insights on the alluring charm of Capella Ubud Bali. From the one-of-a-kind tented accommodation experiences in the middle of a lush Ubud rainforest, to the diverse food offerings presenting traditional dishes with a modern twist. Immerse yourself in the spectrum of luxury amenities offered, embrace the personalized service provided by Capella Culturists, and engage with the surrounding local community. As a bonus, you’ll receive a complimentary welcome duffel bag stacked with goodies to enrich your stay. This magical hideaway is not just renowned for its unique concept, but has been recognized as the world’s best hotel by Travel+Leisure readers and holds esteemed certifications such as CHSE and EarthCheck Silver. Finally, we will guide you through the pricing and booking process to make your next vacation a truly stress-free experience. Read on to uncover why Capella Ubud is the ultimate luxury retreat in Bali, Indonesia.


The Unique Tented Accommodation Experience at Capella Ubud

When it comes to luxury destinations, Bali never disappoints, especially when you talk about Capella Ubud. Imagine you’re nestled deep in the heart of Bali’s lush rainforest, away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, but still immersed in extravagant comforts. That’s the tented camp concept of Capella Ubud.

Overview of the Tented Camp Concept

At Capella Ubud, you get to experience the charm of the 19th-century European explorers, but with a modern, luxurious twist. Your temporary home is a tastefully furnished tent, blending the adventurous spirit of the olden days with today’s comfort and indulgences. It’s not often you experience a camping-like adventure while being catered by a personal butler!

The Four Types of Tents: Keliki Valley, River, Rainforest, and Terrace

Capella Ubud offers a variety of tented accommodations. For starters, the Keliki Valley Tents offer stunning views of the green valley below. For water lovers, the River Tents sit close to the sacred Wos River, a perfect spot to unwind to the sound of the soothing stream. The Rainforest Tents let you immerse in the untamed beauty of the jungle. Lastly, the Terrace Tents bring you closer to the camp’s forested surroundings, offering high-up views of the rainforest canopy.

The Exclusive Two-Bedroom Lodge

And then there’s the crown jewel, the two-bedroom lodge. It’s exclusive, private, and gives you unmatched views of the surrounding rainforest from your private saltwater pool. It’s the perfect private escape for families or friends travelling together.

The Luxurious Amenities and Services at Capella Ubud

Capella Ubud ensures that even in the midst of nature, you are surrounded by luxury.

The Exclusive Officer’s Tent Living Room

The Officer’s Tent is an enticing central living area where you can unwind, exchange travel tales, and relish in the all-inclusive daily snacks and beverages.

The Tailored Service of a Capella Culturist

A personal Capella Culturist, your specialized concierge, makes sure your needs are attended to and your wishes fulfilled, infusing your stay with authentic local experiences.

The Complimentary Welcome Duffel Bag and Other Amenities

From welcoming you with complementary duffel bag filled with goodies, to providing all the amenities that a world-class resort offers, the attention to details at Capella Ubud is genuinely impressive.

Discover The Enchanting Charm Of Capella Ubud Bali, Indonesia

Dining and Culinary Experiences at Capella Ubud

Top-notch dining experiences complement your luxury tented journey.

Traditional Dishes with a Twist at Mads’ Lounge

Mads’ Lounge is where you can enjoy traditional Indonesian dishes with a contemporary twist. The beautiful antique filled venue and a menu co-created with a renowned Danish chef, make every meal memorable.

Interactive Asian Barbecue Experience at Api Jiwa

Api Jiwa, specialized in Asian barbecue cuisine, is another fantastic dining spot. Here, you can interact with the chefs and watch your meal get prepared right in front of your eyes, adding an engaging dimension to your dining experience.

The Unique Under Canvas Experiences at Capella Ubud

Activities at Capella Ubud immerse you in the environment and the local culture.

Immersing in the Rainforest Surroundings

Immerse in the serene jungle by taking mindful walks, doing sunrise yoga or trying out the resort’s sustainably-focused wellness initiatives.

Engaging with the Local Community

The resort also gives you the opportunity to engage with local community through bespoke activities that showcase the traditions and culture of Bali.

Discover The Enchanting Charm Of Capella Ubud Bali, Indonesia

The Accolades and Certifications of Capella Ubud

These once-in-a-lifetime experiences at Capella Ubud are not unnoticed.

Recognition as the Best Hotel Brand in the World by Travel + Leisure Readers

Capella Ubud’s fascination with luxury in the midst of nature has earned it recognition as the best hotel brand in the world by Travel + Leisure.

CHSE and EarthCheck Silver Certifications

Moreover, the commitment to safety, health and sustainability at Capella Ubud has been rewarded with CHSE and EarthCheck Silver certifications.

The Cost and Booking Process for Capella Ubud

Now that you’ve had a peek into the Capella Ubud experience, let’s look at the practical aspects.

Overview of the Cost to Stay at Capella Ubud

Experiencing this blend of luxury and nature comes at a price, but it’s worth every penny. With indulgences, personalized services and a chance to embrace the untouched beauty of Bali rainforest, it’s the ultimate way to experience Bali.

The Booking Process and Contact Information

Reserving your stay is quite simple. You can easily make your reservation through Capella Ubud’s official website or by reaching out to their contact numbers provided on the site.

Conclusion: Why Capella Ubud is the Ultimate Luxury Retreat in Bali, Indonesia

In the end, it’s all about you and the magic that is Capella Ubud. The unique, delightful blend of nature and luxury found in the canvas walls of Capella Ubud is truly unparalleled. It’s more than just a luxurious camp. It’s an unforgettable escape that engages your senses, stirs your spirit and, most importantly, gives you an enchanting story to tell. Your next adventure in Bali awaits, and it begins at Capella Ubud. Go ahead, allow yourself to discover the enchanting charm of this ultimate luxury retreat.