What To Buy In Costa Rica

In the comprehensive guide, “What To Buy In Costa Rica,” we paint a vivid picture of the unique, exotic, and memorable items available for purchase in the culturally rich nation of Costa Rica. With its vast biodiversity, distinguished culture, and rich history, Costa Rica is home to an array of products that mirror its distinction. From artisanal crafts to gourmet chocolates and world-renowned coffee, you will discover the top purchases to make on your visit to this Central American paradise.

What To Buy In Costa Rica

Handmade Crafts and Souvenirs

Costa Rica is a mesmerizing blend of thriving culture and enchanting natural beauty. When we visit, a loving part of us might want to stay back in this paradise. To keep its memory forever etched in our hearts, souvenirs and crafts are a great option. Authentic Costa Rican souvenirs will reflect the country’s incredible charm and traditions.

Traditional Masks

For many years, our people have used wooden masks for traditional religious and cultural occasions. Coveted by collectors and enthusiasts, these masks are adorned by vibrant colors, intricate designs, and intricate detailing showcasing our artists’ talent.

Leather Goods

Leather goods like handbags, belts, wallets, and shoes made by local artisans are renowned for their quality and durability. Their unique and intricate designs, combined with artisanal skills, have converted these items into must-haves for tourists and locals alike.


Taking inspiration from the abundant biodiversity, Costa Rican jewellery includes pieces designed around wildlife, flora, and fauna. Handcrafted and exquisitely detailed, our timeless pieces make an elegant and unique memento.


Ceramic pottery has a special place in our indigenous traditions. Skilled craftsmen mould earth and paint symmetrical patterns, crafting pots, mugs, vases, and more. Each piece is avowal of our commitment towards cultural continuity and preservation.

Wooden Handicrafts

Our wooden handicrafts are a representation of Costa Rica’s rich flora. Artists transform the much-prized woods from our forests into beautifully carved souvenirs, showcasing the craft’s diversity.


Original paintings are a window into the soul of our vibrant culture. Local artists adept in different styles capture Costa Rica’s mesmerizing landscape and everyday life, offering you a piece of its essence to take home.

Local Food and Drinks

As your tastebuds take a journey through exotic Costa Rican flavors, indulge in some of our country’s best food and drink specialties to take home.


Costa Rican coffee, famous worldwide, is produced in our high-altitude volcanic soil areas. The rich flavor, exceptional aroma and sustainability make it a must-buy.


Chocolates, especially the organic, handmade variety, are made from high-quality cocoa beans, grown on our lands, resulting in a divine taste that would satisfy even the most discerning connoisseur.

Traditional Snacks

Our traditional snacks such as plantain chips, sweetcorn cookies, and the local favourite ‘chirriadores’ are hard to resist. Packed with authentic flavors, these light snacks are perfect on-the-go, helping you relive your Costa Rican escapade.


Costa Rica’s rum is outstanding. Made from sugar cane grown in our fields and aged in our barrels, it strikes a balance between sweet and spicy notes. Take a bottle or two back home from your travel and continue the tropical celebration.

Exotic Fruits

Our exotic fruits are a world of discovery on their own. While you might not take the fruit back home, consider our delectable, naturally-flavored fruit jellies, jams, and marmalades instead.

Hot Sauces

For those with a fiery palate, our hot sauces, churned from locally grown chillies, offer a burst of heat and flavor. These sauces are a culinary asset, guaranteed to elevate any dish.

Costa Rican Clothing

When in Costa Rica, live like the locals do. Our local clothing is a manifestation of our rich cultural heritage and the perfect way to keep this beautiful experience alive.

Traditional Outfits

Traditional clothing comes in vibrant colors and is handmade with love and skill, echoing life’s festive nature in Costa Rica.

Handwoven Fabrics

Handwoven fabrics with unique designs and patterns hold a rustic charm. These fabrics are used to create scarves, throws, and other clothing items.

Indigenous Designs

Clothing with indigenous designs displays the creativity, tradition, and survival of our ethnic groups. From woven dresses to beaded accessories, these items are a tribute to our lineage.

Bikinis and Beachwear

With beaches aplenty, beachwear is a popular choice. Stylish and cool bikinis, sunhats, flipflops, and more make a perfect beach ensemble.


Our footwear is tailor-made for comfort and durability. Owing to the tropical climate, lightweight and airy shoes are preferred by locals and tourists alike.

Beauty and Wellness Products

Costa Rica is a treasure trove of natural ingredients owing to its rich flora. Our beauty and wellness products harness this potential to offer high-quality, organic products.

Organic Cosmetics

Our natural, organic cosmetics involve sustainably sourced components and do not compromise on quality, making them a popular choice.

Essential Oils

Our essential oils come from tropically grown plants, providing therapeutic benefits for body and mind.

Body Scrubs and Lotions

Costa Rican body scrubs and lotions are rich in natural ingredients, providing deep nourishment and leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated.

Natural Soaps

Our natural soaps are made from locally grown herbs and flowers. They have a delightful scent and are gentle on the skin.

Aromatherapy Products

Essential oils, scented candles, and fragrances form the basis of our aromatherapy products, offering countless relaxation and healing properties.


Our hammocks are as integral to Costa Rican lifestyle as they are for nicoyans’ longevity. Perfect for unwinding, these bright and sturdy hammocks can be a joyful addition to your home.

Local Art

Art in Costa Rica is a fusion of countless expressions, reflecting life and creativity. Each piece whispers a different story, embodying the beauty of our culture and traditions.

Costa Rican Paintings

Whether modern or traditional, our paintings are rich in symbolism. They reflect our culture, history, and the country’s picturesque beauty.

Craftwork and Sculptures

Our local craftwork and sculptures have a place of honor in Costa Rican culture. Handmade by local artisans, each piece can add an exotic and unique charm to any space.

Pottery and Ceramics

Our indigenous pottery and ceramics carry the ancient wisdom of our ancestors. The intricate detailing and complex designs showcase our cultural depth.

Textile Art

Textile art, made utilising weaving and dyeing methods passed down through generations, is a spectacle of vibrant color patterns and intricate designs.

Modern Art Pieces

Modern art pieces have seen a rising interest. Be it installation art, experimental sculptures, or contemporary paintings, each is a testimony to the evolving Costa Rican aesthetic.

Furniture and Home Decor

Aesthetic and sustainable home decor products can make your homes resonate with the spirit of Costa Rica. Our craftsmen pour their hearts into creating these exquisite pieces.

Sustainable Furnishings

Our sustainable furnishings are crafted from locally sourced, responsibly harvested wood. Adorn your space with these eco-friendly pieces for a rustic charm.

Artisanal Home Decor

Our artisanal home decor includes a wide range of items like wall hangings, table decor, or light fixtures. Created by skilled artists, they lend a unique touch to your surroundings.

Tropical Beddings and Textiles

Our bedding and textiles reflect the vibrancy of tropical rainforest colors and designs. Made with high-quality fabric and authenticity, they add a dash of warmth to your home aesthetics.

Handcrafted Kitchenware

Our handcrafted kitchenware, including wooden spoons, clay pots, and more, combine practicality with beauty. Using them is like experiencing years of tradition in everyday life.

Garden Ornaments

Handcrafted garden ornaments can add a Costa Rican twist to your garden. From wind chimes to statues, they reflect the tranquillity of our tropical paradise.

Books and Music

Explore our cultural riches through books and music. Take home stories, melodies, and rhythms that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Books about Costa Rican Culture

Books penned by our writers offer a unique perspective of our vibrant culture, history, and biodiversity.

Travel Guides

Take home our travel guides as souvenirs. They contain detailed knowledge about our country’s best spots, captivating landscapes, and rich culture.

Local Music CDs

Our music resonates with rhythm and emotion. Carry home local music CDs to enjoy Costa Rican beats anytime, anywhere.

Children’s Books

Our children’s books are adorned with tales and characters deeply rooted in Costa Rican culture, an exciting way for young minds to explore our traditions.

Language Learning Materials

Pick Spanish learning materials for a practical memento. Not only will they assist you in basic communication, but they also capture our linguistic richness.

Costa Rican Coffee and Tea

Our coffee and tea culture is a world of its own. Discover its depth and diversity with unique blends and accessories.

Organic Coffee

Organic coffee from Costa Rica is a world-renowned specialty. Embrace the rich aromatic blends and distinct flavors with our organically grown variety.

Different types of Costa Rican Tea

Explore the numerous types of herbal and traditional teas. Each sip will unravel a distinct flavor profile offering a unique and relaxing experience.

Eco-Friendly Coffee Accessories

Our eco-friendly coffee accessories are designed to suit the needs of every coffee connoisseur. From reusable coffee filters to cups, everything reflects our commitment to sustainability.

Specialty Coffee Beans

Our specialty coffee beans pack the unique flavors and nuances shaped by the specific regions of Costa Rica. There’s a variety to suit every coffee enthusiast’s taste.

Local Coffee Brands

Our local coffee brands take pride in providing high-quality coffee, maintaining a balance between traditional processing methods and sustainable practices.

Eco-friendly Products

In line with our sustainability goals, we offer a multitude of environmentally friendly products, promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

Reusable Bags

Our reusable bags, made from natural fibers, organic cotton, and recycled materials, are fashionable and functional.

Bamboo Utensils

Our sturdy, biodegradable bamboo utensils are a preferable alternative to plastic ones, reducing contribution to landfill waste.

Organic Cotton Clothing

Our organic cotton clothing items are not just comfortable but also friendly to the environment, contributing to lesser carbon emissions.

Sustainable Beauty Products

We offer a range of sustainable beauty products, including organic cosmetics and bamboo toothbrushes, endorsing a greener living standard.

Recycled Paper Goods

Recycled paper goods, including notebooks and greeting cards, are perfect souvenirs for the eco-conscious traveler.

Sports and Outdoor Gear

With its spectacular surfing spots, hiking tails, and yoga retreats, Costa Rica has a lot to offer to outdoor enthusiasts. Get yourself equipped with our best sports and outdoor gear.

Surfing Equipment

In the land known for its surf-friendly beaches, it’s worthwhile to invest in high-quality, locally-made surfing gear.

Hiking Gear

Our hiking gear is designed keeping in mind the terrains of Costa Rican landscapes. Comfortable, durable, and practical, it’s ideal for trekkers.

Fitness Apparel

We offer a diverse range of fitness apparel for different sporting activities. Durable and trendy, they’re bound to motivate you towards an active lifestyle.

Eco-Tourism Kit

Our eco-tourism kits include eco-friendly essentials like reusable water bottles, solar chargers, and bio-degradable wipes, promoting responsible tourism.

Fishing Gear

If you’re into fishing, our local fishing gear including rods, reels, and baits can come in very handy, enhancing your outdoor experiences.

Yoga Mats and Accessories

Our yoga mats and other accessories are perfect for your tranquil yoga sessions in our vast landscapes, helping you connect with yourself and the environment.

Now that we’ve shared our best of Costa Rica, we hope your sojourn here is as memorable as the keepsakes you choose to take back home. After all, each of these souvenirs symbolizes a part of our vibrant culture, resonating with the true essence of Pura Vida!